Chicago Cruises – VALARA VI enjoys hosting client entertaining cruises!

A Chicago skyline cruise is a unique and thoughtful way to show your clients and employees that you really appreciate them; and when you do, choosing Valara VI is a great choice because we are very good at taking what you have in mind and executing your plans to make you look as great as you deserve !! 

DZ Atlantic, a Day & Zimmerman Company based out of Norfolk, VA came to Chicago for a big conference and skillfully arranged a stunning client entertaining cruise with the best views our city has to offer.  Appreciation for their clients was obvious as they choose an impressive array of food that included shrimp and steak along with all the best drinks that anyone could ever ask for.  They topped it all off with very well thought out and useful logo imprinted gifts that were given to their clients as they ended the evening.    Their clients were smiling as they left this event and we are very sure they appreciated the treat!


DZ Atlantic clients know they are going to have a fun night!

Kim and Amy give out name tags as their clients board VALARA VI


Leslie and Jana have fun while photographing clients as they board VALARA VI

Clients are giving their thumbs up approval on this treat !!

And their off – on their Chicago Skyline Cruise !

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