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What fun it is to have a pre-game Chicago cruise along the Chicago Skyline just before a home football game at Soldiers Field!!  Go Bears…..Go Packers!!!

September 25, 2011 The Chamberlain Group treats their clients to a pre-game cruise along Chicago’s famous skyline to get them in the mood for the

Bears fans aboard Chicago Cruise Yacht VALARA VI

big game to follow.  It was great to see Bears fans and Packers fans peacefully partying side by side aboard Valara VI before the game.    After the cruise where did everyone go?   You guessed it….across the street to Soldiers Field to attend the big game!  What a treat for their clients… that’s showing appreciation!!!    Thumbs up to The Chamberlain Group for this great treat!! 

Well the Packers won on this day but that is ok……The Chicago Bears always come back at ya!!                                                        

Packers fans aboard VALARA

More fun pictures of this cruise below.


Go Bears!!





Cruise Organizers... The Chamberlain Group



Were going to have fun today!!

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