Chicago Birthday Party Cruises

Everyone has a person who is very special to them that is about to reach a milestone in life. Think about this; gathering your family and friends together in an intimate setting that promotes conversation along with great food, impeccable service and skyline views beyond the expectations of everyone, even yourself.  How does one achieve this in an affordable way?   A Chicago Skyline Cruise aboard VALARA VI is sure to deliver.

SURPRISE Rebecca!!

George knew how to throw his big surprise differently this year by making many secret phone calls and writing many e-mails….. what was George doing?  He was organizing his wife Rebecca’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party Cruise aboard Valara VI…… poor Rebecca was the last one to know!

As family and friends joined together at the end of this Summer, Rebecca arrived

speechless to learn that George was able to

One very happy couple - Rebecca & George

pull this surprise off so well.  This was indeed a great success for George and everyone said the party was beyond their expectations.  No one aboard the yacht this day will ever forget this birthday party.    We very much enjoyed seeing so many happy customers having such a great time.   You are only 40 once Rebecca……enjoy!   George, you are a gem for sure!!


See how easy planning your events of a lifetime can be with our personable and professional free event planner.  773-788-9494.


I am the hired paparazzi for this will be one they will never forget!


It's fun waiting for the birthday girl to arrive !

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