3 Things Chicagoans Must Show Visiting Non-Chicagoans

If you have friends from out of town venturing into Chicago for the first time, chances are they’ve chosen you as tour guide. This is a big responsibility! You’re not just helping them find their way around; you’re curating a day of sights and experiences. As tourists, there are a few things they’ll want to see no matter what. But you also want to give them a unique experience, one that tourists don’t normally get. We’ve prepared a short guide for you: a day in South Loop that won’t be too hard on your friends’ feet, topped off with a Chicago boat cruise along the famous skyline in the evening.


  1. Take Them to Cloud Gate (AKA “The Bean”): Like we said, there are some thing tourists just need to see. However, big and airy Millennium Park is well-loved among tourists and Chicagoans alike.
  2. Dazzle Them at the Adler Planetarium: After Adler was renovated two years ago, it saw an explosion of attendance. It doesn’t matter where you come from; anyone can appreciate what the Wall Street Journal named “one of the most data-intensive [shows] ever produced.”
  3. Relax with a Chicago Boat Cruise Aboard a Luxury Yacht: The Valara’s been in business for over thirty-five years. We can tell you firsthand  how this city has changed and grown; we’d love to tell your out-of-towner friends about it for while you’re resting your feet and enjoying our expert cuisine after an eventful day.

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