Celebrate the Big Game with a Chicago Boat Cruise

How did you watch the NBA championship on Thursday? We’re guessing you spent it in the company of your friends and family, with a considerable amount of barbecue and beer. Championship games are thrilling, rousing gatherings; rarely do you and your friends get this riled up. The comedown and cleanup afterwards, however, is such a bore. If you watch the championship game on a Chicago boat cruise, you won’t have to deal with the greasy plates and empty bottles.

Our top-class cruise yacht, the Valara, comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy the big game, and more: a television, a big space to gather your friends, and a wait staff to save you the trouble of preparing food and drink. You can relax, focus on the game, and get a breath of fresh air when the action becomes too much for you.

There is no shortage of sporting events to look forward to, and therefore countless reasons to celebrate with friends. The Stanley Cup is just next week; the World Series is far ahead enough to plan in advance; and just imagine celebrating the FIFA World Cup with a luxury yacht rental! Book your rental today–after you’ve finished arguing with your friends about Lebron, of course.

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