Lake Michigan 101

chicago yacht rental They say that to fully appreciate the present, we must fully understand the past. We agree with this statement, and also feel that is important to be knowledgeable of your surrounding environment. Today we’d like to look into the great body of water which hugs Chicago, Lake Michigan. In addition to giving light to our business and enabling our endeavors, this lake currently as well as in the past has been a great resource to the people.

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake located in the United States. ┬áIt’s water surface is 22,300 square miles, making it the second largest Great Lake. The area surrounding Lake Michigan were first make home to Hopewell Indians. Their culture faced a steep decline after 800 AD. After this time, the Late Woodland Indians made this region home. During European exploration in the late 17th century, Lake Michigan became an important part of a connection leading from the north to the Gulf Of Mexico. This became a very important aspect for the shipment of goods within the country. Due to it’s important place in history, the cities bordering the lake have become a tourist attraction and peak the interest of many wishing to have a better understanding of the past.

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