Birthday Party Cruise Fun Aboard Valara VI

We had some pretty special wedding couples tie the knot in 2010 as noted in our last posting;  below are more exciting details on the Chicago Skyline Cruise Birthday parties that we had this year!

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Chicago Birthday Party Cruises 2010 – please share your pictures with us!! What fun we had this year helping toss these Chicago Skyline Cruises for our special customer birthday parties!   There sure were many…..

80th Birthday Party Cruise – Carl Erickson.   Ellie Erickson threw an 80th Birthday Party Cruise for her husband Carl Erickson.  What a huge success this was.  We expect this was a memorable day for the entire family.  We sure had fun serving you too.

50th Birthday Party Cruise – Theresa Meyers.   Husband Doug threw this Birthday Party Cruise and really what a great party this was – you are sure lucky Theresa, your husband is great and we hope your party will be remembered for a long time!

50th Birthday Party Cruise – Svetlana Lerner.   Step daughter Helen threw this Birthday Party Cruise; these Russians sure stick together and they know how to have a good time!!   Stock up on the Vodka for them….they sure like it and they handle it very well!   We hope you got a lot of pictures, what a great party!!

50th Birthday Party Cruise – Dan Bakovich.  Wife Teri threw this Birthday Party Cruise with their many Croatian friends and family.  They even have some talented family members who are part an informal band.  They arrived on board and played great music.  A well planned party that was great fun even for the crew!!   Great job Teri!!

30th Birthday Party Cruise – Christine Obrachta.  Ashley Knuckey threw a 30th Birthday Party Cruise for her friend Christine Obrachta.  What a special friend you have there Christine!  We had fun serving you!

30th Birthday Party Cruise – Dan O’Connor.  Dan sure knows how to toss a party.  You sure have a lot of friends!   Thanks to the many who attended – Happy Birthday Dan!!

Birthday Party Cruise – Jennifer Perkins.   Brother – Jeff Perkins threw a Birthday Party Cruise for his sister Jennifer.   I imagine you’ve been a great sister to Jeff!   Job well done Jeff.  We are sure Jennifer has memories of a lifetime of this party!!

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Cruise – Rachel Zampa.   Mom – Chris Zampa threw a Sweet 16 Birthday Party Cruise for her daughter Rachel.  Rachel and her friends had a wonderful time on board and they danced a lot!   You will never be 16 again so enjoy life while you are young.  What a memorable party!

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Cruise – Adriana Bates.   Mom – Chris Bates threw a Sweet 16 Birthday Party Cruise for her daughter Adriana.  Mom worked hard detailing out this party and we were so glad to see it was such a success.  Happy Birthday Adriana!

Thank you to all for entrusting us with your special events, it was an honor to serve you!   More on our 2010 Chicago Skyline Cruise Fun in our next posting.   Be sure to visit our website at to arrange a blast of a birthday party for you or your loved ones.

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