October 2011

Chicago skyline cruises aboard a “private luxury yacht” for employee and client entertaining is always a big hit and more memorable then the(Mark) left - (Nadine) middle - (Dave) right - smile for the camera aboard VALARA VI regular, “treat them to dinner” events.   

Bringing valued guests together in an atmospher that promotes conversation among the guests always brings much more memorable experiences.   Bringing valued guests to a place with ultimate class and a very experienced staff matters as well.  You cannot go wrong with the luxury yacht VALARA VI for these types of events.


Lending Solutions treats their valued guests aboard VALARA VI for a Chicago Skyline Cruise in 2011.   Thank you for your business!!!

Excellent meal, compliments to our chef!!



Duignan family decided upon a Chicago Skyline Cruise for their reunion.  The Duignan family surely made the right choice on VALARA VI

Duignan family reunion aboard VALARA VI

when deciding to have a family reunion in memory of their beloved family member, Daniel Duignan.  What a great idea, getting together with the entire extended family and at the same time, honoring the memory of one who is now in a better place…..we are sure Daniel Duignan was with them in spirit on this day and appreciating their honor very much.   May Daniel be your Guardian Angel forever.

Mr. and Mrs. Duignan along with their close and extended family enjoyed plenty of comfort and great service aboard VALARA VI during

Daddy Duignan - a toast to my son!!

their Chicago Skyline Cruise.   We saw lots of smiles and joyful communications on this cruise.  Even though daddy Duignan was in a wheel chair – he really has a great attitude and zest for life, our hats off to daddy Duignan!!  Momma Duignan is a lovely women who must be commended for raising all of these children… God bless you momma Duignan for your obvious hard work!!  

We hope your reunion has brought lasting memories for your entire family!                                                              

John Duignan - Reunion Organizer having fun!

When you are having a family reunion, the comfort and accommodations of the yacht you are choosing matters.  Both young and old are attending, what about comfort?  And what about service?   While yachts that offer Chicago Skyline Cruises are a dime a dozen;  comfort, atmosphere, the quality of the crew service and food really matter for events that you expect to be memorable.   Do your homework, just like you would with any purchase and we are sure you will choose VALARA VI every time no matter what your event is for.   Call us today for your family reunion, you won’t find another yacht that compares!!  773-788-9494.

Daniel Duignan - this cruise was in honor of you!





What fun it is to have a pre-game Chicago cruise along the Chicago Skyline just before a home football game at Soldiers Field!!  Go Bears…..Go Packers!!!

September 25, 2011 The Chamberlain Group treats their clients to a pre-game cruise along Chicago’s famous skyline to get them in the mood for the

Bears fans aboard Chicago Cruise Yacht VALARA VI

big game to follow.  It was great to see Bears fans and Packers fans peacefully partying side by side aboard Valara VI before the game.    After the cruise where did everyone go?   You guessed it….across the street to Soldiers Field to attend the big game!  What a treat for their clients…..now that’s showing appreciation!!!    Thumbs up to The Chamberlain Group for this great treat!! 

Well the Packers won on this day but that is ok……The Chicago Bears always come back at ya!!                                                        

Packers fans aboard VALARA

More fun pictures of this cruise below.


Go Bears!!





Cruise Organizers... The Chamberlain Group



Were going to have fun today!!