January 2014

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Safety is the first concern when you’re considering renting a yacht for a special occasion such as a wedding reception, corporate event or special family gathering. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the onboard entertainment is or how elegant the catering if a safety-related issue spoils the event. Valara Cruises, the premier yacht rental provider for luxury events in Chicago wants you to enjoy safe cruising at all times. Before chartering a vessel from anywhere, ask a company representative about how these crucial yachting safety guidelines are followed:

  • Accident Reporting – Yacht cruising is a generally safe activity but accidents can happen. How a charter company handles an accident is a sign of their overall compliance to safety regulations. According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Resource Center all non-minor accidents, whether they involve people or damage to the vessel, should be reported to the State reporting authority as soon as possible.
  • Life Jackets – While it’s not legally mandated that passengers need to wear life jackets while on board, there should be enough life jackets for all passengers and crew, and they should be stowed in areas that are easy to access.
  • Vessel Safety Check – Ask how often and by what agency a complete vessel safety check is performed. Frequent checks by an independent certified Vessel Examiner are recommended by the USCG.

Chicago boat cruise is an unforgettable way to commemorate an important event in your personal life or the life of your company. Having confidence that all safety regulations are being met allows you to relax and fully experience the moment. After all, occasions like your daugher’s wedding reception or your own silver anniversary only come around once in a lifetime.


chicago cruises

Cruises are spectacular ways to spend an evening. Once the yacht has docked, however, people tend to be wide eyed and ready to take on the night, not ready to return home and go to sleep. Fortunately, Chicago is home to plenty of activities for people of all ages and interests to enjoy throughout the night. Turn the next Valara cruise into the perfect start to a night out on the town. Here are a few to try after the cruise boat returns to shore.

Bars and Lounges

As with most metropolitan areas, there are a variety of bars and lounges to check out within the city for a relaxing drink or for a dance or two. Consider trying the popular Buddy Guy’s Legends for some blues or Signature Lounge for some fantastic views while enjoying cocktails. Revolution Brewery is another great place to check out and enjoy some beers and burgers in a more casual atmosphere.

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs are another popular way to spend an evening in the Windy City. There are numerous clubs that people can check out for an evening performance, but UP Comedy Club, Zanies Comedy Club, and The Comedy Bar are three of the most popular within the city.

Seeing the City

There are some fabulous and unique ways to explore the city at night, such as Weird Chicago Tours. Even natives to the area may appreciate the chance to see the city from a new perspective and learn a bit of interested trivia about the area.

Chicago is a fantastic city to explore and enjoy for an evening. A luxurious Valara Chicago boat cruise may be the perfect start to the evening, but the city also offers a number of fun activities to enjoy after the boat has docked. Those interested in an evening out can try any of the above options for an unforgettable night.


Lack of crowds is one of the best reasons to visit any popular tourist spot in the winter, and Chicago is no exception. The city is packed with fun things to do all year through, but in winter, you can enjoy those activities without the hordes of tourists that descend on the city in the warmer months.

  • Feed your brain. Winter is an ideal time to visit one of the city’s many museums. The Field Museum offers several special exhibits, including “Maharaja: The Splendor of India’s Royal Courts” and “Images of the Afterlife.”
  • Go a little wild. It’s too cold to swim in lake Michigan, but you can get up close and personal with sea life at the Shedd Aquarium. “Extraordinary Experiences” provide encounters with penguins and belugas, or you can see what it’s like to be “trainer for a day.”
  • Laugh it up.  Chicago is home to the famed Second City comedy club, where many of today’s comedy legends had their humble beginnings.
  • Isn’t it romantic? See the city from a different vantage point by embarking on a Chicago boat cruise. By day, you’ll get a fish-eye view of the bustle of the city at work; by night, Chicago cruises provide you with a fairyland of delight as the city’s lights reflect from water and snowy shorelines.


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College graduation is an occasion for friends and family to come together and celebrate. When graduation rolls around this spring, a Chicago boat cruise may just be the best way to rejoice with up to 149 guests. That means that college buddies, childhood friends, and lots of family can enjoy each other’s company in a unique setting that includes two full levels of floor space and much more.

What makes these upscale Chicago yacht rentals so special is that all guests can take in the majestic splendor that is Lake Michigan, while at the same time enjoying breathtaking views of Chicago’s infamous skyline. Chic Chicago cruises provide an unmatched experience, as Adventure Sea Tours yacht rentals begin at the Burnham Harbor and travel north to allow guests a great scenic ride across Chicago’s skyline.

But graduation celebrations on Adventure Sea Tours yacht rentals don’t stop with fabulous travel. Expert, professional staff will help the graduation celebration hosts choose the best menu and beverage package to ensure everyone is content. Furthermore, to create the perfect event, staff can help with other services as well including a special florist, DJ, photographer, limo service and more. When boarding the Valara IV, every single detail, no matter how minute, will be taken care of so the graduation celebration is a memorable one.