February 2014

chicago boat cruise Valara offers clients the opportunity to spend a few hours in luxury while on a yacht on the beautiful Chicago lakefront. Whether customers are looking for a cruise for a formal reception, corporate event, or wedding, the VIP Classic Package takes this experience to the next level. For groups ranging from 30 to 149 guests, customers can relax and enjoy a Chicago boat cruise out on the water between April and October.

What is included in the VIP Classic Package

When customers select the VIP Classic Package they will have three hours of exclusive use of the yacht, with two and a half hours spent out on the water. Throughout the evening they have access to the open bar, which is equipped to provide a wide range of drinks and cocktails, as well as a champagne toast. Guests will also be treated to a range of expertly prepared food. Imported cheeses, fresh fruits, iced vegetables crudite, and a range of freshly prepared hot and cold hors d’oeuvres are available for dining on before the main meal. The dinner served will include a savory chef’s carved roast prime rib of beef. After the meal is complete, guests will be served delightful pastries with their hot coffee.

Prepare for an evening of luxury

When customers step on board their yacht, they will experience the meaning of true luxury. From the delicious and well prepared food to the service of everyone on board, guests will want for nothing. Valara welcomes a variety of types of parties, from weddings to church groups to graduations to corporate events, the yacht is the perfect place to celebrate nearly any formal occasion.

When customers are looking for an entertaining way to take their cruise experience to the next level of personalization and luxury, they should consider the VIP Class Package. Valara is here to offer guests the luxury yacht experience they have dreamed of.


chicago cruises

This year, host a corporate spring party on the water. An upscale Chicago boat cruise is the ideal option for events where you wish to thank employees or host investors. Our luxury yachts provide the perfect setting for enjoyable, relaxing events with an upscale, elegant flare to them. Hosting a spring event on board the Valara VI gives you and your guests time to relax and unwind, while sampling the finer things in life.

For those who need Chicago yacht rentals for a corporate event like this, consider the benefits of the beautiful Valara VI. Come on board to enjoy a private, upscale event. You’ll enjoy our full-service facility, designed for parties of 30 to 149. Our luxury yacht is the ideal place to spend an evening enjoying the entertainment a fantastic meal, and a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a Chicago cruise for a few hours, usually between three and five hours. You’ll sample wonderful food and have a full range of beverage options to select from for the event.

When you need a boat rental Chicago corporate professionals will be impressed with, the Valara VI is the perfect choice. These yacht rentals provide you with a beautiful facility that’s comfortable and full of character. This is the type of place that you can impress your corporate sponsors or business partners with, or say thank you to them for the hard work they’ve done for you. A corporate event like this is a god way to bring important people together, too. It may be just what you need to convince professionals to invest in your company.

Why choose us for your next corporate event? Our 87-foot boat is the perfect combination of features and luxury. Let us take you around the Chicago area and show your guests the skyline. You’ll enjoy yourself, and your guests will be impressed. Contact us today to book your Chicago boat tour.


graduation-capsFor a truly unforgettable graduation party, you need an unforgettable setting. A party on the luxury yacht Valara VI will definitely have such a setting. It will also include all of the luxuries and entertainment needed for a group of 30-149 of your classmates, friends, family members, and associates.

These Chicago yacht rentals provide 3-5 hours aboard the Valara VI, complete with food and beverages. As you enjoy the luxury, you and your party will be overlooking the city of Chicago and the beautiful vistas presented by Lake Michigan.

There is no worry about the type of food or beverages that will be served when you choose one of these yacht packages. You’ll be able to choose from several menu items to ensure that you and your guests will find everything delightful. The staff will also help you arrange for DJ services, florists, and limousine services to ensure that nothing breaks the celebratory mood of the evening.

Being on board the Valara VI is sure to delight you and your companions. This upscale yacht is 87 feet long and provides four bar areas, two levels of luxury furnishings, four restrooms, and plush carpeting. This puts the Valara VI’s amenities far above those of other Chicago boat rentals.

Reserve a spot on the Valara VI well in advance of your graduation so that you are sure to be able to get a booking. Then, enjoy looking forward to your big day and the unforgettably upscale celebration to follow.


During a Chicago boat cruise, we welcome you to enjoy fine dining, classy service and beautiful views. Sea sickness is the last thing we want you expect to experience. However, this common malady can cause difficulties like nausea, dizziness and sweating for anyone. Six tips help you cope with sea sickness during one of our luxury cruises.

1. Take Medications

Over-the-counter medications, including Dramamine, Bonine and Antivert, calm your stomach, so consider taking one of these medicines up to two hours before you board the yacht.

2. Avoid Spicy Food

Spicy and acidic foods along with alcoholic beverages may aggravate motion sickness. To be on the safe side, avoid these foods and beverages for at least 24 hours before your cruise.

3. Sip or Suck on Ginger

Ginger ale and ginger candy reduce the nausea sea sickness produces. Additionally, sip on water or eat crackers to sooth your stomach.

4. Avoid Reading and Watching TV

Focusing on something close to your eyes aggravates motion sickness. Instead, sit quietly with your eyes closed or focus on the horizon or another fixed point in the distance.

5. Sit Facing Forward

The sensation of traveling backwards may bring on or aggravate motion sickness. So, face forward on your cruise. Likewise, try to sit near the center of the yacht where it tends to rock less.

6. Avoid Sick Bay

Being around others who aren’t feeling well only makes your motion sickness worse. If possible, find a seat in the fresh air where you can think about something other than your nausea.

We don’t want you to feel sea sick when you should be enjoying the classy atmosphere of our luxurious yacht. With these six tips, we hope you can combat sea sickness and increase your fun on our Chicago cruises.