September 2011

Valara VI Yacht Weddings

For an unforgetable wedding…….
As this very admirable couple, Laurie and John board VALARA VI to greet their joining wedding guests, they need not worry about a single detail.   Well we wanted a wedding that our guests will always remember and we really want more unique memories than the wedding halls provide.   What a better way to share our wedding day than a Chicago Yacht Wedding?   VALARA VI delivers when it comes to great space, accommodations, professional crew, great food and drinks – no detail goes unnoticed by this very professional wedding yacht crew.  And…who has a Wedding Arch on board their yacht?  VALARA VI does.
We would like to congratulate our latest happy couple, John and Laurie – it really was a pleasure serving you and your family.  John….we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your admirable services to the people of our state…..John serves as a Fire Fighter Chief in the suburbs !!!  Thank you John !   May you both have a very happy life together!

John & Laurie toast with their guests.....they just said "I Do" under the Wedding Arch


John & Laurie cut their beautiful wedding cake aboard VALARA VI.


John & Laurie's families are now ONE !!



The Romance Never Ends………

Back in the day – 10 years ago exactly, September 1, 2001: The young Miss Holly Benton and the love of her life, Rene Andrepont had the most unique yacht wedding ever, aboard VALARA VI.  

Rene & Holly Andrepont celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary aboard VALARA VI

Their love for one another was very clear from the moment we met them to plan their wedding day, up to the very day itself.   Upon their wedding day, the VALARA VI was full of Holly’s favorite florals and a wonderful Blues Band playing on board and the Motor Cycle shapped wedding cake topped off the details!!  No detail went unnoticed and what a picture perfect wedding this was!

Exactly 10 years later, September 1, 2011 and two lovely children later….the romance has not ended.  We believe it will never end with this couple!!   

Rene Andrepont calls our office well before their 10 year anniversary saying “Listen – our 10 year anniversary is coming up and I want to surprise Holly and bring her down to VALARA VI Yacht and sit in the back with a bottle of wine.”   It just so happens we had some time that evening to make Rene’s plans a reality and so there they were sitting in the back upper deck together, drinking wine, enjoying the views and their moments together and Rene presents to Holly her 10 year anniversary present – a beautiful diamond necklace!   

As they sat there and told me their short stories of life today with two wonderful children, they added that 10 years after their wedding day, people “still” talk about their wedding and many comments are the same, “you two had the best wedding I’ve ever been to.”  

Thank you Rene and Holly for sharing and we cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to see you both again.   With a vibrant wife like Holly and a husband like Rene ….it is obvious that the romance will never end.   

Romantic couples out there thinking of how you can have the best wedding day of your life……be sure to call us for a 2012 wedding you will never forget aboard the yacht, VALARA VI.   Viewings of the yacht will be available until Mid-October this year.

Begin your life together with a Yacht Wedding in Chicago aboard Chicago’s finest wedding yacht, VALARA VI.   773-788-9494.






America's finest fly over Chicago

There is no more perfect way to show your appreciation for your clients than to treat them to one of Chicago’s special event dates on the waters of Lake Michigan.

Ted, Tim and their team show their clients how much they appreciate their business every year and one of the ways they do it is by hosting a private cruise on Chicago Air Show day with great food, drinks and the premium yacht atmosphere of VALARA VI and services of our fine crew.   They always seem to order the great weather too and we thank them for that!! 

Chicago Air Show

Thrivent Financial offers banking, insurance, mutual fund investments, IRAs, Financial Planning, church and institution financing programs.  Thrivent also offers volunteer programs and member activities, as well as charitable and educational programs.  Membership has it’s benefits!  It was a pleasure serving this group once again!  MORE FUN PICTURES BELOW.


Organizer Ted and Crewmember Michael


What a relaxing treat !

I’m happy !


Thumbs up on this cruise !! Thank you Thrivent Financial!